Monday, April 11, 2011

Noblesse Oblige...

I was kind of annoyed that I missed opening night at a new gallery, OHWOW, with Scott Campbell's first LA solo show. All the blog coverage the following week didn't help, so I called a friend and made a day out of it April 2nd. OHWOW has a nice big space on La Cienega a few blocks past the Beverly Center.
A few of the burnt pieces from the Vice Gallery incident were on display at the front of the gallery.
This skull of layered laser cut money sheets was a pretty impressive 2x2x2 foot-ish cube (I didn't measure, but it was big.)
Campbell used his tattoo gun on metal plates to create these.

Intricate illustrations of roses, snakes, and nude women were done inside ostrich egg shells.
Peggy and I were starving after visiting the Noblesse Oblige show, so we made out way to Toast for brunch. I must say this was one of my top ten brunches ever. Perfect french toast and LOVED the potatoes, which Peggy is still making fun of me about.
After visiting our friend in West Hollywood once we were full, we also stopped by Gallery 1988: Melrose to see if I could pick up my Craola canvas print. I couldn't but it was nice to see the Inle show with no crowd to navigate.

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