Tuesday, March 22, 2011

art of sucker punch...

You know me and art books. I debated for about an hour whether I should get the special edition or the regular edition of Sucker Punch: The Art of the Film. Signed copies that include prints and nice packaging are so tempting. So I decided to save the extra $50 for something else and ordered the regular edition, which I'm still ecstatic about. It's filled with concept drawings and illustrations by Alex Pardee and others of the characters, the set design, the costumes. I can't wait for the movie; it just looks like a great escape.
Madam Gorski by Alex Pardee.


  1. I already saw the trailer pf this movie and i really love it. This movie Sucker Punch is a new movie film of Vanessa Hudgens.

  2. I seriously might be more excited for this movie than any other movie EVER. haha. Be still my heart!