Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At Siren and Tokyo Deluxe...

Friday night was possibly my last gallery night with Rachel Peterson. We hit up Thinkspace for Dabs Myla's Tokyo Deluxe and Sarah Jonca's Siren shows. The installation by Dabs Myla, Australian artists based in LA, in the Project Room was fabulous. There were hanging clouds, floating sushi, and ridiculously intricate detail on the buildings in the paintings. My favorite cardboard cut out piece was the octopus guy.

(Rachel and me immersed in Tokyo Deluxe)
Canadian artist, Sarah Joncas, had a nicely themed show in the Main Gallery. I fell in love with the mural she and her friend painted on the gallery walls.
Rachel introduced me to artist extraordinaire John Hicks, and all ended the night with dessert at Ugo. By next month, Rachel will be infiltrating Portland, Oregon, John will be on an adventure in New York, and I will be traveling in China. Plans to reconvene are in the works. Life is crazy.

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