Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GR2 book signings...

This weekend, GR2 granted both my art book wishes!
Friday night, I rushed after work to Culver City to get David Choe's book.
Got to see graffiti artist, Phil Lumbang's show on the walls while I was waiting in line.David was awesome. He drew me a whale with legs, wearing heels, saying, "these shoes hurt my feet."Sunday afternoon, I told my friend, photographer and web designer Brian, I was picking him up for the Martin Hsu signing of 'Multigrain' 2 hours before hand. Martin was infectiously nice and he gave us stickers! I must also note that he was wearing the most fabulous panda tshirt with a tail ever.I also got Giant Robot owner Eric Nakamura to sign my sketchbook too because I'm a massive art geek.

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