Tuesday, November 24, 2009

at designer con...

i've been bugging my sister for her pictures from designer con because i knew she took amazing pictures. now i have them, and i don't know what to post because i want to post them all. thanks for the pictures sharon!alright, so i made it to designer con, after finding out about it on the vinyl pulse blog two days earlier, with my sister and my boyfriend. i was ecstatic the entire time we were in the Pasadena Convention Center surrounded by toys and artists.
we ran into my friend Kevin Tong, who was there with his t-shirt and poster company Mondo. we bought an iphone skin of his isteam phone illustation...one of the main reasons i wanted to go to Dcon was to see the gold edition of Kid Dragon, but that became an after thought when i saw that Loyal Subjects had the original available at their booth. they are completely sold out online, so i bought what the guy said was one of their last 5 pieces!
JapanLA was there with series 3 of Plasticgod's Kitty icons!
we kept losing my sister. she was stalking the artists...
i got sketches from dez einswell of doodle barn, angry woebots, peekaboo monster, and buff monster. a lot of other artists were sitting in booths and wandering around, and i was pretty overwelhmed with it all. i was a very happy girl saturday.
ps. angry woebot's panda king is awesome.

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