Tuesday, April 23, 2013

one of those nights...

 April 13th, no one was available to play with me, but that doesn't mean I won't have an adventure on my own, especially on one of those nights in Culver city where all my favorite galleries are having an opening at the same time. I started at LeBasse Projects for Trusto Corp's "The Future is Blight" show featuring an installation that blanketed LA county with care packages for poverty.
 Polaroids of the care packages spell HELP across Los Angeles.
 Trusto Corp collaborated with Shepard Fairey, London Police, and David Flores for Trusto Cereal flavors.
 Next door at Thinkspace was Meggs' "Heavenly Creatures," filled with bold colors in motion.
 Of course, I loved the phoenix.
 Blum and Poe, around the block was exhibiting in their expansive space "Arhat" by Takashi Murakami. I originally thought I missed opening night since I saw posts from the VIP opening, but I was very happy to discover I was wrong.
 I was obsessed with this metal sculpture. For an idea of how big it was, the smallest skull was a little bigger than my own head.
 At Corey Helford Gallery, Kazuki Takamatsu's "Japanese Ideology of Puberty" show was mind blowing.
The details and textures and size of everything very much made my jaw drop.
 After all that, I treated myself to some Cool Haus ice cream.

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