Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be, etc...

Saturday night, I stopped by Corey Helford, LeBasse Projects and Thinkspace. I missed Kukula's opening night at Corey Helford, but they had extended hours for the night, which were much appreciated.
 Mike Stilkey curated the show at LeBasse Projects. I loved this altered book by Brian Dettmer "Complete Book of Marvels." Below is Stilkey's "Nothing Endures but Change" painting.
Female group show "In the Wake of Dreams" at Thinkspace was almost closed, but the owner said "I'll let you in real quick, but then I'm kicking you out." Thank you for letting us in!
 Audrey Kawasaki's new pieces are intricate and beautiful as always.
 Amy Sol's sleepy animals are adorable.
Mari Inukai's paintings amazing and intense.

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