Monday, May 2, 2011

Interactionism: Initiation...

Come support my friend Tima in the first art show in a series involving interactive art!
PS. I designed the flyers.
Welcome to the idea of Interactionism - a series of events in which the gallery, or given space, is transformed into a creative, interactive experience.
"Initiation" the first installment, will take place on Cinco de Mayo 2011 during downtown San Pedro's collective event "First Thursday".

This is a FREE EVENT! No entry fee and complimentary wine served with entertainment.


Pastee Co.
361 W. 7th St.
San Pedro CA 90731

  • Participatory Art 6pm - 9pm
Score raffle tickets through interaction which gives participators the chance to win their portrait done by any chosen artist in this event.
  • Raffle will be drawn at 9pm
  • Musical performance by The Meru in collaboration with live art by Tima Peck at 9:30pm.

Featured Artists:

Midori Shinkai: paintings
Daniel P. Lopez: photography
Apryl Deadly: model
Chris Creath: pantings
Raul Arellano: paintings
John Q.: photography
Kerrilyn DeHart: objet d'art
David Juarez: illustration
Chad Grant: poetry
The Meru: band
Tima Peck: artist&curator
Janice Jacinto: digital artwork on fb flier
Cindy Wong: event flier
Pastee Co.: venue

-- tima
Interactionism 2011

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  1. stop doing shit for free, man. we really have to work on your website...