Thursday, January 20, 2011

Visiting Chris and Kevin...

Saturday, I made it out to Venice to Gallery 1988's newest location for the Multiplayer show. There was an impressive crowd and great prints.
I believe the most popular pieces were Daniel Danger's Silent Hill and Kevin Tong's My Tetris Heart Longs for Your Push. So happy that I got a hold of Kevin's print before they sold out.
Last night, I dragged a friend to see Chris Kawagiwa at the Huntington Beach One Stop Art Walk at the Shorebreak Hotel. Chris loved Tron, can you tell?
Nice little middle of the week event.
Thanks for coming with me Saturday, Kathria. And thanks for coming with me Wednesday, Brandon.

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  1. Hey! thanks for posting this :]
    You've been catching all the cool shows as of late~