Monday, January 24, 2011

They don't sell luggage...

I spent the weekend in San Francisco, mostly making my friend take me to art galleries and eateries. My main goal was to find the Shooting Gallery and see Morgan Slade's Company of Killers show. It was so amazing to see his work in person. Along the way we found a few more gems...
I never even realized that White Walls gallery was next door to the Shooting Gallery, so we got to see creepy yet amazing What the %$#@! show by Dan Witz.
Then by the direction of the lady at Shooting Gallery, we went to find 941 Gallery, on Geary with the red door. The most intricate detail was in Jesse Hazelip's sketches. I was blown away by the size of his show, The Belle of the Brawl.
Before all that we happened to find The Tenderloin National Forest and the Luggage Store Gallery. Walking on Ellis Street we saw a colorful alley and discovered walls covered in volunteer art and an artist who let us explore her artist residency studio. Love surprises like that...
And! One more bonus of the night, we found a Shark Toof mural while we were out. That pretty much made my night, well, the sober part.
Great trip. Thanks for being my guide Kristin.

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