Friday, November 12, 2010

Sanrio: Small Gift...

(Peekaboo Monster "Sanrio Club")
(Audrey Kawasaki "Tabo Friends")
It's Sanrio celebration time; 50 years of cute character culture! Previews for the Sanrio 50th Anniversary Celebration: Small Gift are popping up in everyone's blogs. the art show is curated by JapanLA and the artist list is awesomeness!
(Joe Ledbetter "Carpool")
It starts today Nov 12 and ends Nov 21. That's a shorter exhibit than the Hello Kitty Three Apples show last year. Go and go quickly! I can't wait to see the ginormous balloons of Sanrio characters.
(Camilla D'Errico "Apple Sauce")
(Eric Joyner "Hello Topiary")
The most epic piece has to be Martin Hsu's "Sanrio 50th Family Vacation" painting. Definitely can't wait to see this in person.
Click on the flier for more information. Click here for more art information from JapanLA.

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