Friday, September 10, 2010


I helped design the magazine cover for "LIE" a short film submission at Interpretations. Director, Kathria Tizon stated a fascinating concept for deciding what beauty really is."I wanted to do something universal, and yet authentic. Something all humans can relate to - an ageless topic like beauty. Beauty begins as an innate concept, and as we get older beauty becomes a learned concept; a concept influenced by society. We shouldn't blame society for distorting our perception of beauty because there is no right or wrong kind of beauty. Overall, the standards of beauty are universal and the influences created by society and its different cultures forms a mosaic of beauty. It's up to you how far you let society affect your decision of what beauty really is. "
Please follow this link ( and watch the film. Register to comment on the website. We will know in late October who the winners are.
Good luck to us!

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