Friday, August 6, 2010

From Comic Con: Part 2

I am proud to present a guest post by Nickelodeon animator Ivan Mendoza and his girlfriend Sabrina. Check out Ivan's blog too.

Comic Con’s increase in size and popularity is really noticeable to somewhat of a Comic Con veteran like me, who’s gone for the last several years. There used to be a time where Con-goers could easily walk in to get their passes. In more recent years, I recall having to wait 3-4 hours in line. This past year, early registration was the only way in, and even professional artists who had priority spots, were disappointed as spots sold out fast.

Comic Con is not just for the Comic-lover. This convention now serves as a huge platform for mainstream media, marketing, and publicity. But no matter how large and widespread the Con has grown, they have kept alive the tribute to originating artists such as Stan Lee and Jim Lee.

The atmosphere of Comic Con is exciting, overwhelming, and crowded. Claustrophobics beware: people line the halls shoulder to shoulder.

This year, I was able to take part in Comic Con which is an experience I will not forget. Having my supporting cast, coworkers, and girlfriend there to support me was amazing!

The best way to share our experience is through pictures…

Front view of the convention center on Thursday

Iron man display!

Thor display

Stephen Silver, creator of Kimpossible

Free giveaways!

Working the Nickelodeon booth, Con Day 1

Packed, packed, packed! People in line for Neopet drawings

Random shot of girls in costume with the huge Comic Con bags they handed out

The much anticipated arrival of Disney's Tron..Motorcyle cool.

And now, a quick run-through of ...Dunnies!

Artists hard at work to make Neopet crazed teens happy, Day 4

The uniquely designed Munnies to be raffled off one a day...last two standing

For those that have never attended the Con, it’s definitely a fun and visually stimulating experience. You may find you enjoy it more than the average person. Whether you’re the avid comic lover, celebrity crazed fanatic, pop art admirer, artist in need of inspiration, or a combination of them all:

...there is something for everyone. I hope this gives you an intimate look inside Comic Con. See you next year! Cheers!

(All photos in this post copyright Ivan Mendoza)

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