Thursday, February 4, 2010

valentine '10...

i have a valentine's project for you. i call this a lotus box. i saw something similar at a candy shop and decided that i could make it myself. the template took me a long while to figure out. the plan is the fill my little boxes with cookies, but i'll let you know later how that goes.

1. download and print the below image. it should be almost 8"x8", so you can print it on an 8.5"x11" card stock paper.
2. cut out the shape along the solid black lines, don't forget the slit on the gray petals.
3. place the printed side face down, and bring the short petals up to meet each other.4. bring up one of the gray petals and pull the fan part of the short petals though the slit on the gray petal.5. bring up the opposite gray petal and over the other petal, pull the fan part through. you don't even need to fold anything. i might punch a hole through the fan to tie a ribbon too. have fun filling your boxes with little goodies!


  1. SO so cute! Cindy, you are a creative genius.

  2. You're making a HUGE assumption that I am to be trusted with sharp objects.

    I do love this a lot though; innovate and brilliant. You get a 1,000 points!

  3. how are you so good at this stuff?