Thursday, February 11, 2010

lotus box: chinese new year...

this year, lunar new year falls on valentine's day. its going to be a busy weekend. the shape of the lotus box fits the asian theme well, so i had to design a chinese new year one for you. maybe instead of red envelopes, so people deserve a little treat. fill the box with the traditional candies or even a tangerine. my favorite are the sliced candied side says "happy chinese new year" (sun nin fai lok/xin nian kuai le) and the other has the well being greeting (gong hay fat choy/gong xi fa cai). its going to be the year of the tiger, but i drew a bat. bats are good luck any year.
Happy Chinese New Year!
1. cut out the shape, don't forget the slits
2. place the printed side face down and bring up the fans to meet each other
3. lock one petal over the fans, fill your box, and over the first petal lock the second petal.

for personal use only, not for commercial resale. thank you for your respect.


  1. you should patent your box. you're really taking it to the next level.