Monday, December 14, 2009

rainy gallery hopping...

a couple friends and i bundled up saturday and braved the rain for a night of gallery hopping. first we went to Dan Goodsell's Mr. Toast mini art show at Monkeyhouse Toys in Silverlake.
this was one of our favorites...then we had dinner all the way in Long Beach so we could drop off a friend at the Long Beach airport. after that we headed to Culver City. it was opening night for Scott Belcastro at LeBasse Projects.this is a detail of the piece Snow Castle. the textures on his paintings were mind boggling.

we stopped by the Whole 9 Gallery on the way to Corey Helford's Multiplane group show. photos of the works at the Multiplane show do not do them justice. a ridiculously impressive list of artists were given a panel, 2 glass panes, and a frame to layer the final product. a lot of the artists showed up for opening night; it was pretty festively crowed in the gallery.
one of our favorite pieces was by Nathan Spoor. he took advantage of the layers really well. i also really liked Glen Barr's use of the transparency.
see the rest on the Corey Helford Gallery site.

thanks Tammy, Brian, Chris K, Christina, and Aileen!

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