Thursday, November 12, 2009

three apples {round 4 & 5}...

alright, so going to the Hello Kitty art show five times might have been a little bit overkill, but i must reiterate that every time i went, there was something new to see. for round four, i took Rachel Peterson and we stood in line for Meet the Artists day. we met Plasticgod, who brought a whole new series of Hello Kitty Icons (above). there were also new panels by Buff Monster and Chase(below)...later in the day, we watched Peekaboo Monster and Angry Woebots do some live painting. its always inspiring to see other artists' process. this is Angry Woebots post on the event : Hello Kitty SHOW - Good Times
i took a couple more friends who had not gone yet for round 5, and at the very end of the night i found the Hello Kitty lucky cat on the Royal/T bar counter. i'm infatuated. i must find this!

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