Wednesday, October 7, 2009

chicago sleepover summary...

i love chicago. there was visual stimulation almost everywhere i looked. my main attractions were millennium park, wicker park, miraculous mile, and the art institute of chicago.
this is the The Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, by Frank Gehry who did the Walt Disney Concert Hall before this. the pavilion looks awesome from every angle. of course the 110 ton Cloud Gate at Millennium Park is a must see too...
"Wicker Park" is my favorite movie, so i had to go to that part of the city too. Wicker Park is reminiscent of the trendy shopping area on Melrose, except a little more low key. these are our new robot friends on the walls of Lenny & Me store and gallery...After shopping around Wicker Park, we made our way to Rotofugi Toy Store and Gallery. this was definitely a highlight because i had found the Brush Project and the store online and didn't really think i'd actually be able to go. at the gallery, the girl in mary poppins shoes went into the back and pulled out a late, but excellent, entry by Shag for the brush project. we felt so exclusive, hehe.
and the current show at the gallery was perfect for my trip; it was chicago artists creating chicago inspired pieces!
David Soukup - Downtown Shuffle was my favorite piece in the show.
Thank you to the fabulous ladies that were working at rotofugi on sunday, october 04.
i cannot pick a favorite piece from the Art Institute of Chicago's museum. the place was practically my entire college art history curriculum. they had dali, renior, magritte, picasso, o'keeffe, miro, monet, was definitely amazing.
this little guy was painted in the middle of crosswalks all over downtown in different colors. i haaad to include him.

an enormous, elephantine thank you to my best friend for this incredible trip. i love you connie!

PS. we saw Jessica Alba sunday night after dinner when we were walking on Hubbard Street! she's there to film "Little Fockers" says Chicago Tribune and NBC Chicago.

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