Monday, October 12, 2009

at beyond eden...

so i was able to get my animation friend and postal sketches participant, eileen, to come with me to barnsdall park for beyond eden. parking was practically non-existent, so we had a little adventure circling around. once we got into the building we were overwhelmed with art...
we found a print by our CSULB friend Kevin Tong in the Gallery 1988 corner (blue image on left).
this was the LeBasse Projects gallery area. i got pretty star stuck when the owner, Beau Basse, came to talk with us; hope i didn't babble too much.
part of the Heroes & Villains exhibit was a little room covered in contact sheets and polaroids of the artists photographed for the show by Tatiana Wills and Roman nucleus had a b e n c h set out for us to sit and admire!
i took almost a hundred pictures and that was no where near how many pieces where actually there.

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