Monday, August 24, 2009

animal themed tea party...

i threw a baby shower this weekend. i volunteered mostly because i wanted to decorate. there was a preview posted earlier. i didn't take very good pictures of my work, but here are some shots of the final set friend, christine, recommended Coffee Bean Tempting Teas and they were delicious.
those are little sandwiches: cucumber & cream cheese, turkey & strawberry jam, ham & provolone, and salmon salad. of course we had a huge martini glass full of chocolate.
i made signs for all the sandwiches, for the teas (above) and for the strawberry cupcakes and sweet orange rolls. the banner had animals to go with each letter all in matching patterns. i also made animal stickers for the girls to wear as name tags. thank goodness it was a nice day out. this was fun to put together.