Sunday, May 3, 2009

sam flores' ego, addiction and other bedtime stories...

i mentioned sam flores' ego, addiction and other bedtime stories earlier while he was still working on pieces for the solo show. last night, connie, cindy t. and i made our way to the opening at subliminal projects. it was a fantastic show; one of the best if not the best solo show we've gone to."beauty in trouble (reign of the rainbow golbins)" was my favorite piece. i was so mesmerized by the amazing details, i forgot to take a picture of the whole painting.
i gave connie a new sketchbook last night; sam flores broke it in. i always have my sketchbook, but i never thought to hand it to an artist when we went to openings. wouldn't it be even cooler if i could commission popular artists like him to contribute to my Postal Sketches project too?
do you see how ecstatic we are? sam flores is so talented. go see the exhibition before is closes May 30th.
sam flores-12 grain blog.
subliminal projects gallery.
link to the rest of my photos from this night.

after ego, addiction & other bedtime stories we found our way to gary baseman's noche de la fusion at corey helford gallery. we could barely find the art; we weren't expecting such a huge impressive party. it was definietly a fun night of art openings.

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