Thursday, April 9, 2009

bergamont station...

last weekend our goal was to attend the Hi-Fructose: Overdose show opening at the Copro Nason Gallery. this is the group show that i wanted to see because of Alex Pardee we made it after some crazy parking scavenger hunt...
i couldn't stop staring at Craola's "introductions" painting. jpegs online really don't do it justice. Craola was there signing books and posters.
this piece was tiiiny, with an insane amount of detail! it's Kris Kuksi's "the recreation."
it was a huge awesome show, click here to see the pieces. i took the above images from there too since my photos were blurry or skewed.

it was at Bergamont Station Arts Center in Santa Monica, so we wandered into other galleries too...
this was at the Track 16 Gallery, part of the Malcom McNeil and Willian S. Burroughs: The Lost Art of Ah POOK IS HERE show.
the Ron Berman Gallery was showing Ron English! this is only a detail of a piece, but aren't the colors just so rich?
overdose was a good name for this night.

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