Saturday, February 7, 2009

the worlds on fire...

last night my best friend, connie, and i attempted to go to the second opening of The Worlds on Fire: Grammy Nominated Art Exhibit. it's a series of portraits done by various amazing artist of grammy nominated musicians. apparently we crashed a private party instead of attending an opening, which was actually only on monday. the blog for Juxtapoz magazine stated, "If you missed the Worlds on Fire opening reception on Monday, you still have a chance to attend a second public opening tonight, Friday, February 6th 2009, starting at 7pm." when we arrived at the door of the Pacific Electric Lofts, the door lady said the gallery closed at 7pm and a private party started at 9pm. imagine our confusion. we got there around 8pm and the glass windows showed us a practically empty gallery. with enough desperation, connie talked our ways into the show. it was fantastic. thank you to the door lady and whoever she asked to let us in.
my favorite piece: lori earley's portrait of madonna
detail of one of connie's favorite pieces; it's a mosaic of vinyl pieces to create jay-z's portrait by mr. brainwash.

images from our night at the exhibit.
images from the actual opening

List of Artists (and Musicians portraits created):

afterward we went around the corner to blu LA cafe for banana cream pie...

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  1. Love it! What a cool exhibit and how awesome that you got in to see it! And Blu LA Cafe looks amazing. Definitely made it onto my must-try list!